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Rhythmic Concert

2023.12.18 Hoshinoko Life

Hoshinoko Rhythmic class Christmas edition

Christmas season is finally here again, the famous festival celebrated all around the world every 25th of December. This holiday serves a special time for Family and Friends to reunite, gather, bond and eat together during the Christmas eve.

To commemorate this special season here the Hoshinoko kids will learn about English vocabularies about Christmas, songs and English phrases all about Christmas. The Rhythmic class for this week will be about Christmas and they sing and dance. We also went outside and enjoy the nice weather to play and explore the place while having fun and learning. Many more reasons to enjoy and celebrate this holiday and make the most out of it as the year almost to come an end.



Hoshinoko Global School

  • 開園時間/7:45~18:00(月曜~土曜)
  • JR安城駅から徒歩6分