Our Policy

Bridge to a bright future

We take care of each child with true honesty and deep affection.
We make happy nursery time with a lot of smiles to bring up the children
who can display individuality in any environment.


Childcare Global Experience

Based on individualized childcare and a global environment, we, Hoshinoko,
offer various kinds of lessons which can be taken during normal nursery time.
Great experience for the future is waiting for your children.

Honest childcare

Careful childcare means “respondent act” to children. We accept, respect and observe the feelings of children through the respondent act. It leads to the development of non-cognitive skills such as invisible abilities to think or challenge new things.


  • Tender care with a small number of children
  • Childcare fitted for each child’s development
  • Tailor-made care plan
  • Respect individuality of little children and gentle
    adaptation to group behavior

Global environment

Children are surrounded by English all through the nursery school life.
Children can talk to teachers in Japanese, but teachers respond to them only in English.
We offer daily English lessons by the full-time English teacher to develop communication skills with fun.


  • English life in the nursery school and English
    response from the teachers
  • English daycare+daily English lesson
  • Support for linguistic development and
    understanding of global diversity

Daytime lessons

Many lessons such as Gymnastics, Rhythmic and Art by professional teachers are given during daily nursery time.
We broaden the abilities of children through various experiences.


  • Lessons as high a level as other after nursery school
    activities by experienced teachers
  • Teachers with deep understanding of child education
  • About 40-50 minutes per lesson
  • Lightened workload for parents without bringing their children to another after nursery school activity



Teacher:Stanley Tulloch


Teacher:Tomomi Minamikawa


Teacher:Stanley Tulloch

Exercise play



Teacher:Ayumi Wada


Teacher:Baikei Sumiya

  • *Lesson contents may change
  • *These photos are for illustrative purposes


Stanley Tulloch

Stanley Tulloch


Ayumi Wada

Ayumi Wada




Exercise play

Tomomi Minamikawa

Tomomi Minamikawa





For Inquies

Please contact us.
You will be informed of the date of the admissions guidance.


Admissions Guidance
(Personal Interview)

Personal guidance can be held at any time. It is also possible by Zoom.



Please submit the application documents given after the interview.


Informal Acceptance

After the screening,
families are notified of the admissions decision.


Required Documents,
Admissions Contract,
Entrance Fee and
First-month Tuition

Upon the provision of the set of admissions documents,
families should submit the required documents and pay the fees and tuition.
The appointment must be set before families come to submit the documents and make an admissions contract.


Entrance Ceremony/
First Day at Nursery

Entrance ceremony is scheduled for around April 1st.
*We may offer an adjustment period for age 2.


Basic Tuition
(From age 2 to age 5)
(5days/week) per month

*We are applying for the registration of “Free Childcare Subsidy” facilities as an unlicensed nursery school.
For further information, please contact us.

2 to 4 days/week

2days/week 3days/week 4days/week
per month
per month
per month

*Only age 2 class (In the case we have space availability.)

*Additional fees such as material fee must be paid as same as regular children.

Early Morning/
Extended Childcare
¥110 per 15 minutes (Early morning 7:45-9:00 Extended 14:30-18:00)

*For age 2, extended childcare fee applies from 14:00.

Saturday Saturday childcare fee : ¥6,050/day
(available from 9:00-14:00)
Entrance Fee ¥66,000
Material Fee ¥66,000 per half a year
Lunch ¥8,800 per month

*Only for children who want to order for school lunch

*If you don’t need to order or your child has food allergies, please bring lunch.

Optional Lesson Fee Swimming ¥4,950 per month

Children take a swimming lesson during normal nursery hours.
We bring children to a swimming school.

*Only swimming lesson fee is extra.

*Fees of other activities like rhythmic,
exercise play and art are included in the tuition.

Notice An approved T-shirt, smock and colored hat are required.

*All fees include tax.


Name Hoshinoko Global School
Type Unlicensed nursery school
Establishment April 1, 2022
Address 1F, El Grande Anjo-station South,
8-4 Suehiro, Anjo City
Contact TEL : 0566-87-4320
MAIL : ootakehoiku@gmail.com
Normal Nursery
School Days
Monday to Friday (except for Sunday, national holiday and the end of the year - the New Year)
Saturday is an exceptional nursery school day.
Seasonal nursery school days happen in the springtime, summertime and wintertime.
Opening Times 9:00-14:00 (14:00 for age 2)
Early morning 7:45-9:00 / Extended 14:30-18:00
Saturday 9:00-14:00
Closed Days Sunday, national holiday and the end of the year - the New Year
(December 29 to January 5)
Eligibility Age 2 to age 5
Capacity 36 children
(6 for age2, 10 for age 3, 10 for age 4, 10 for age 5)
Lunch Available for children who want at an additional fee
Commissioned Doctor/
Ohno Kodomo Clinic / Hirano Dental Clinic
Operating Company Otake Anjo Co,.LTD
Headquarters /4-15 Miyukihonmachi,Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture
Contact / TEL: 0566-75-5311 Fax: 0566-75-5315