Hoshinoko Life

Planetarium Experience

2023.12.28 Hoshinoko Life

Today’s activity is super fun and exciting, it is  one of the favorite places the Hoshinoko kids wants to explore and come. We went to this amazing place showcasing the beauty of Science where the kids can activate their imaginations, have the visual image of what is Planetarium and all about. They give them the benefits to accurately see the 3D astronomical happenings in our world from their own observations and point of view. It also supports their social skills and manner on what to do in public places by implementing our outside rules, what is our Do’s and Dont’s when were outside. It is important to teach them and remind them for their growth individual and responsibilities. Not only they will learn about how the world works in Science side but also they will learn about the what is life manner.

As this year has coming to an end, we are very thankful for each an everyone who is with us all throughout this year. We are very grateful and honor to share and create this memorable moments with you. We hope you will have the best holidays of your life this year. We wish everyone a prosperous New Year and we hope to see you again next year.



Hoshinoko Global School

  • 開園時間/7:45~18:00(月曜~土曜)
  • JR安城駅から徒歩6分